Physical Therapy Forum
About Us

Physical Therapy Forum is a physical therapist owned facility, conveniently located in Alpharetta, Georgia.
Due to its convenient location, it serves a vast number of communities, families, and businesses.

Physical Therapy Forum takes great pride in providing effective, result- oriented services to our clients. As the
service industry dictates, we have adopted an individualized approach to therapy gaining mention amongst
our peers. Comfortable treatment environment, inquisitive staff members, effective communication,
team-oriented and result-driven therapists, serve as cornerstones to our therapeutic environment.

By offering a variety of specialized treatment options for various populations, Physical Therapy Forum has the
ability to successfully treat all physical therapy- related conditions. Our goal is to give our patients
measurable results, which are proven, in an environment that permits comfort and change. We also aim for
the highest level of integrity, professionalism, honesty, and delivery of individualized care to improve the
quality of life in our clients.

Feel free to come in and pay us a visit.


Amita Gupta, PT, MCSP, CEAS
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