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Massage Therapy

Massage therapy benefits a wide range of health problems for many patients. Soft muscle tissue
manipulation affects many of the body's systems. Not only can massage treatments reduce overall stress,
but they are also effective at developing, maintaining and rehabilitating physical function.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Physical dysfunction and pain may also be prevented or relieved by a skilled massage therapist. Massage
movements cause blood to flush in and out of muscles, which enhances circulation and immune system
function. A Licensed Massage Therapist will help relax tense and tight muscles, improving posture and

Corporate Wellness Program

Physical Therapy Forum's Corporate Wellness Program provide cost effective ways for companies to
promote health, reduce stress, and lower the risk of work related injuries. From ergonomic assessments to
providing on-site or off-site massage therapy and physical therapy, we have programs to suit the needs of
your company.

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