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Services Overview

Physical Therapy Forum offers a wide range of programs and specialized services to help our patients
restore and maintain their physical strength, performance skills, and levels of function. Our well-trained,
professional staff utilizes the most progressive treatment options and techniques to ensure the best
possible recoveries.

Our patients are guaranteed the highest level of service; and there is never any doubt that Physical Therapy
Forum is serious about clinical excellence and the care we deliver to our patients.

Whether you've experienced a sports- or work-related injury, have undergone surgery, or are recovering from
an illness, Physical Therapy Forum has a program that suits your rehabilitation needs. The following is a list
of some of the common pathologies that we treat.

Arthritis                                               Sprains, Strains, and Fractures                Neck & Back Pain
Tendonitis                                          Sports Injuries                                              Herniated Discs
Rotator Cuff Injuries                         Frozen Shoulder                                           Knee/Hip Replacements
Plantar Fasciitis                                TMJ Dysfunction                                           Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Fibromyalgia                                      Osteoporosis                                                Industrial/Work Related Injuries
Sports Related Injuries                   Scoliosis                                                        Balance/Falling Problems
Postural Deviation                            Gait (Walkings) Problems                         Common Muscle Sprains/Strains

Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy Forum utilizes the most recent advances in technology to put you on the path to recovery as
quickly as possible. We specialize in treating injuries by placing emphasis on identifying the cause of the
injury, reducing the pain, then strengthening the area so the injury does not return. This aids our patients in
returning to their lives quickly and efficiently. Our practitioners have extensive experience with orthopedic
conditions, sports injuries, neurological impairment in children and adults, core strengthening, work
hardening, and injuries to the shoulder, hip, knee, neck and back.

Massage Therapy
Massage therapy benefits a wide range of health problems. Soft muscle tissue manipulation affects many of
the body's systems. Not only can massage treatments reduce overall stress, but it's also effective at
developing, maintaining, and rehabilitating physical function. Physical dysfunction and pain may be prevented
or relieved by a skilled massage therapist. Massage movements cause blood to flush in and out of muscles
which enhances circulation and immune system function. A Licensed Massage Therapist will help relax
tense and tight muscles, improving posture and balance.

Strength & Conditioning

Wellness Products
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